Our Lifetime Warranty

You may return our Instruments within 30 days of purchase for 100% refund (except shipping cost) without any reasons if you are not delighted. We will replace your functional & physical defective instruments any time and we will even pay for its shipment. Warranty shall not apply if instrument has been misused, physically damaged, repaired, or altered in any way that affects its performance.

All of our instruments are made in Esfahan, Iran by the best in the field. We make sure the instruments that are sent to U.S.A. meet our customers' expectation and satisfaction the same way as you would purchase other items from Sears or Home Depot.

Certificate of Authenticity

Our objectives are to give you the confidence that you need when you purchase an instrument without having to be present to touch, feel, and choose. We put our words in writing and provide you with a certificate  identifying the instrument's maker, serial no., type of wood(s) used, and where it was made.